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Greathouse Point News and Updates

31 Dec 2015

The usage statistics are in for year 2015. From Jan-Dec 2015, more than 6,800 visitors shared in the research we have presented on Greathouse Point.

Graph showing usage statistics for 2015 versus previous years:

We welcome your continued interest, help and support as we strive to provide an excellent research tool through Greathouse Point, for all Greathouse kith and kin.

We encourage you to visit Greathouse Point often. But please don't just visit Greathouse Point and leave. We need your help. One way to help is through our Greathouse Archives project, .

By visiting libraries and courthouses in counties where our Greathouse ancestors lived, you can help us obtain copies, excerpts and transcriptions of records left behind by our Greathouse ancestors and their associates. We are focused on gathering original documents which were created at or near the time of events, as they occurred during our Greathouse ancestor's lives. We are continuing to make improvements in the foundation our Greathouse family history is built upon for our Greathouse ancestors and their associates, particularly those of the 1700's or early 1800's.

If you have copies of baptisms, births, deeds, marriages, land records, wills or other relevant historical records in your files, please share those also, by emailing a copy to:


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