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Greathouse of Philadelphia County, PA

Do you have any Greathouse kith and kin who resided in Philadelphia County, PA? If so, please join us in our efforts to better document the Greathouse kith and kin who lived in this county, by sending your additions and corrections to Greathouse Point.

1745, Feb 12 - Marriage: Paul and Kellerschen, Witness: Leonhardt Beyer

Excerpt from Record of the Marriages in the St. Michaelis and Zion Evangelical Lutheran Congregation:

Friedrich Paul, a carpenter from Germantown, of Lutheran faith, and Margretha Kellerschen, of Reformed faith; m. in Philadelphia, February 12, 1745. Witness: Nicolaus Bauer, Leonhardt Wintergerst, Leonhardt Beyer, Jacob Schneider.


1) Hannah Benner Roach in "Back Part of Germantown", related that Jonathan Paul, as a trustee of a school in Germantown, had contracted with Michael Schutz, a carpenter, to build the school. Friedrich Paul's relationship to Jonathan Paul remains to be determined.

Excerpt from Hannah Benner Roach, "Back Part of Germantown":

In 1745, when little Jacob Schutz/Schuett was six years old, the neighbors who were parents of young children decided to do something about their schooling. John Johnson, whose younger sons Benjamin, Joseph and William were of school age (Caspar had married and moved to Upper Dublin and Nicholas was living in Whitpain), donated to these neighbors as trustees a half-acre of land on the west side of the road from Paul's, formerly Howell's, mill to the Ridge "to hold the same piece of land for the use of a school forever and their respective heirs and all and every other person or persons, inhabitants of the Townships of Germantown, Whitemarsh, Springfield and Roxborough who shall pay a proportionate part of the expense of a school built, or to be built by them, the said trustees, on said piece of land, and of the rest of all other charges hereafter accruing." The local trustees included old Willem Dewees; son Garret, Cornelius Conrad, whose two eldest sons Mathew and Everard were of school age, John Barge, whose sons Joseph and Andrew were also old enough to attend school, and young Jonathan Paul. It is quite possible Michael Schutz/Schuett assisted in the school's erection since he was the nearest carpenter living in the neighborhood.

2) By 1751, Johannes Leonard Beyer was named as a witness to the baptism of Anna Maria, daughter Caspar & Margrita Doll at Plainfield Reformed Church, Plainfield, Northampton County, PA.

3) Johannes Leonard Beyer and wife were named as sponsors at the baptism of John Leonard, son of William & Mary Greathouse, born 24 Dec 1775, which occurred at Plainfield Reformed Church, Plainfield, Northampton County, PA, by Rev. John William Weber on 5 Feb 1771.


Pennsylvania-German Society, Proceedings and addresses, Volume 14. (Lebanon, PA: 1905). Record of the Marriages in the St. Michaelis and Zion Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Phildelphia. Page 1, 12 Feb 1745 - Marriage: Friedrich Paul and Margretha Kellerschen, Witness: Leonhardt Beyer. View @ Google Books

Hannah Benner Roach, "Back Part of Germantown: A Reconstruction", Jefferson M. Moak, Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, 2001. ISBN 188709914x, 97817887099141. Page 16-17, death of Jonathan Paul prompted Michael Schutz to prepare his will.

Greathouse Point, Greathouse Archives, USA - Northampton County, PA, Beyer of Plainfield.

Greathouse Point, Greathouse Archives, USA - Northampton County, PA, 1775 - Baptism: John Leonard Greathouse.


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