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Greathouse Landmarks

Here you will find a collection of information about various landmarks or other locations that bear the Greathouse surname.

If you have more information about these landmarks or other known Greathouse landmarks that are not included on this page, please submit them to Greathouse Point.


  • Greathouse Mountain, Jefferson County - Topozone


  • Greathouse Bend, Pulaski County - Topozone
  • Greathouse Creek, Perry County - Topozone
  • Greathouse Spring, Washington County - Topozone


  • Greathouse Gulch, Gunnison County - Topozone


Location Name/Description
  Fort Greathouse  
  Greathouse Cemetery  
  Greathouse Cemetery  
  Greathouse Cemetery  
Greathouse Creek, Mt. Carmel, Wabash County - Photo taken on 31 Oct 2006 (the date at the bottom of the photo is incorrect). It is a view of the creek from the bridge over it on Highway 1, just south of the town. The Creek then curves gently left for a bit  toward the town and then passes south of the waste disposal plant shown in the topozone map. Larry Kistner
  Greathouse Ford  
  Greathouse Island  


  • Greathouse Creek, Wilson County - Topozone


  • Greathouse Cemetery, Hancock County - Topozone
  • Greathouse School, Jefferson County - Topozone


  • Greathouse Cemetery, Ralls County - Topozone


Location Name/Description
Greathouse Peak, Fergus County Tom Kotynski
  Greathouse Peak - Biography
  Greathouse Peak, Montana
  Ascent of Greathouse Peak
Greathouse Peak - Crystal Lake Traverse

New Mexico

  • Greathouse Well, Quay County - Topozone
  • Greathouse Branch, Ellis County - Topozone
  • Greathouse Cemetery, Ellis County - Topozone
  • Greathouse Cemetery, Bell County - Topozone
West Virginia
  • Greathouse Branch, Clay County - Topozone
  • Greathouse Castle
  • Greathouse Cemetery, Calhoun County - Topozone
  • Greathouse Fort
  • Greathouse Hollow, Marshall County - Topozone
  • Greathouse Hollow, Randolph County - Topozone
  • Greathouse Hollow, Roane County - Topozone


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