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Greathouse of Mifflin County, PA

Do you have any Greathouse kith and kin who resided in Mifflin County, PA? If so, please join us in our efforts to better document the Greathouse kith and kin who lived in this county, by sending your additions and corrections to Greathouse Point.

Greathouse kith and kin records found in the county:

1789, Sep 19 - MIFFLIN created from CUMBERLAND and NORTHUMBERLAND. (Pa. Stat., ch. 1436, sec. 1/13:321-322)

1791, Apr 1 - Boundary between MIFFLIN and HUNTINGDON clarified [no change]. (Pa. Stat., ch. 1544, sec. 1/14:46-47)

1792, Mar 29 - MIFFLIN gained from HUNTINGDON. (Pa. Stat., ch. 1617, sec. 1/14:219-220)

1792, Nov 13 - Land: Henry Drinker to William Grothouse

Article: 1792 - Land: Henry Drinker to William Grothouse

1792 - Assessment

Grote, House; 300 acres; horses: 1; cows: 1.

1793 - Assessment

Grotehouse, William; 180 acres; horses: 2; cows: 4.

1794 - Assessment

Grotehouse, William; 170 acres; still: 1; horses: 2; cows: 6.

1799, Feb 28 - Land: John Walters to William Groathouse

Walter sold the lot he bought, February 28, 1799, to William Groathouse, who erected upon the lot a tavern-house. He kept tavern in this house until his death in 1805. He had several daughters, of whom Amelia became the wife of General Louis Evans; Rachel was the wife of -- Jones, and 1808 became the wife of Joseph Buchanan. Rachael Jones, and later Mrs. Buchanan, kept the tavern from her father's death until 1809, when the property passed to John McGary, who married a daughter of William Groathouse, and in that year erected the present stone house that stands at the junction of the two roads. He kept tavern in this place until about 1840. Samuel Davis owned a lot adjoining the tavern lot, which was on the north side of the Main Street.

1799 - Distillery: William Groathouse

Inns or Taverns, from Tax lists:

Groathouse, William, 1799.

1800, Feb 13 - MIFFLIN lost to the creation of CENTRE. (Pa. Stat., ch. 2103, sec. 1/16:403)

1812, Mar 20 - MIFFLIN gained from NORTHUMBERLAND. (Pa. Laws 1811-1812, ch. 96, sec. 1/p. 141)

1812, Mar 30 - MIFFLIN lost to HUNTINGDON. (Pa. Laws 1811-1812, ch. 141, sec. 1/pp. 195-196)

1819, Mar 16 - MIFFLIN lost to UNION. (Pa. Laws 1818-1819, ch. 77, sec. 1/pp. 111-112)

1831, Sep 1 - MIFFLIN lost to the creation of JUNIATA. (Pa. Laws 1830-1831, no. 67, secs. 1-2/pp. 99-100)

1834, Apr 15 - MIFFLIN gained from HUNTINGDON. (Pa. Laws 1833-1834, no. 227, sec. 1/p. 503)

1855, Apr 27 - Boundary between MIFFLIN and HUNTINGDON clarified [no change]. (Pa. Laws 1855, no. 357, sec. 1/p. 343)


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Dr. Charles Eater, First Assessment Book 1789-1794, Mifflin County, PA. 1792 - 1794, Assessment: William Grotehouse.

History of that part of Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys, embraced in the counties of Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, Union and Snyder, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: Everts, Peck and Richards, 1886. 1799 - Land: John Walters to William Groathouse.


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