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Greathouse of Lancaster County, PA

Do you have any Greathouse kith and kin who resided in Lancaster County, PA? If so, please join us in our efforts to better document the Greathouse kith and kin who lived in this county, by sending your additions and corrections to Greathouse Point.

1746, Jul 8 - Military: Peter Goodhouse, Captain Deimer's Company

"Capt. John Deimer's Return Of His Company Specifying the Day of Each Man's Inlistment, &c, Sept'r, 1746."

The companies commanded by Captains Trent, Shannon, Deimer and Perry, were recruited under authority of a proclamation issued by Governor George Thomas, dated June 9, 1746, reciting the King's orders of the ninth of April, to raise four hundred men within the Province of Pennsylvania, to be employed in concert with the regulard forces in the immediate reduction of Canada. The instructions for recruiting, together with a copy of Capt. Shannon's commission will be found in Pa. Archives, First Series, Vol. I, pages 688, 689. These companies went into winter quarters at Albany, N. Y., 1746-1747, and were finally discharged October 13, 1747, "the late intended expedition against Canada having been by his Majesty laid aside for the present." [Votes of Assembly, vol. IV, page 50 and 71, Col. Records, vol. V, 127.]

[Directed to be raised June 4, 1746.]

Captain - John Deimer
Lieut. - John Wildt
Ensign - William Franklin

[Name, age, where born, date of enlistment and occupation.]

Goodhouse, Peter; age 19 [born about 1727]; date of enlistment: July 8; laborer.


1) Excerpt from William Watts, Hart Davis, History of Bucks county, Pennsylvania, 1805. Page 385:

Johannes Deimer, who emigrated from Germany in the ship Davy, arriving in Philadelphia, October 25, 1738, and soon after settled on a large tract of land in Nockamixon township, on the river, just below the Durham line. Whether he was the same John Deimer, who was a captain of a company in the expedition against Quebec in 1746-7, is problematical. Traditions in the family seem to bear out the theory that he was. Tradition further relates that he was reared in the Roman Catholic faith and educated for the ministry, but becoming enamored of a r'rotestant maid, he married her and emigrated to America to escape the wrath of his family and church. The name of Diemer appears in different parts of Pennsylvania at about the time of his arrival. A John Deimer, practitioner in Physic and Chirurgery was a land owner in New Providence township, now Montgomery county, as early as 1734, and died there in 1759. He purchased land in Bucks county in 1753, which was sold by the sheriff after his death on suit against his administrator, James Deimer.

2) Excerpt from Presbyterian Historical Society, Historical Foundation of the Presbyterian and Reformed Churches, Journal of Presbyterian history, Volume 7, 1914. Page 129:

John Jacob Diemer of the city of Philadelphia, "Practitioner in Physick and Surgery," bought on March 16, 1733, a plantation, containing 161 acres in Providence, from Richard Jones of Providence and Martha, his wife, for £153 of lawful money. The same parties, on the same date, bought a certain piece of land in Providence, containing 67 acres, for £64. In January, 1747, John Diemer was captain of one of the four companies raised in the province of Pennsylvania. See Penngylvania Archives, First Series, Vol. I, pp. 724, 738. The Pennsylvania companies and their captains are enumerated in a letter of Samuel Perry, dated October 26, 1747. See Colonial Records, Vol. V, p. 134 f


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