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Greathouse of Gallia County, OH

Do you have any Greathouse kith and kin who resided in Gallia County, OH? If so, please join us in our efforts to better document the Greathouse kith and kin who lived in this county, by sending your additions and corrections to Greathouse Point.

Greathouse kith and kin records found in the county:

1803, Apr 30 - GALLIA created from WASHINGTON. (Ohio Laws 1803, 1st assy., ch. 8/p. 19; Chase, 3:ch. 347/pp. 2100-2101)

1804, Dec 29 - GALLIA lost to SCIOTO. (Ohio Laws 1804, 3d assy., ch. 74/p. 294; Chase, 3:ch. 354/p. 2103)

1807, Jan 30 - GALLIA exchanged small areas with ATHENS. (Ohio Laws 1806, 5th assy., ch. 39/p. 105; Chase, 3:ch. 359/p. 2105)

1815, Dec 21 - GALLIA lost to creation of LAWRENCE; LAWRENCE not fully organized, part attached to GALLIA for administrative and judicial purposes. (Ohio Laws 1815, 14th assy., ch. 8/p. 22; Chase, 3:ch. 403/p. 2121)

1816, Mar 1 - GALLIA lost to creation of JACKSON. (Ohio Laws 1815, 14th assy., ch. 25, secs. 1, 5/pp. 112, 115; Chase, 3:ch. 404/pp. 2121-2122)

1817, Mar 1 - LAWRENCE fully organized, detached from GALLIA. (Ohio Laws 1816, 15th assy., ch. 6/p. 6; Chase, 3:ch. 407/p. 2123)

1818, Dec 22 - GALLIA lost to LAWRENCE. (Ohio Laws 1818, 17th assy., ch. 2/p. 3; Chase, 3:ch. 420/p. 2129)

1819, Apr 01 - GALLIA lost to creation of MEIGS. (Ohio Laws 1818, 17th assy., ch. 25, secs. 1, 6/pp. 40, 43; Chase, 3:ch. 423/pp. 2131-2132)

1832, Oct 6 - Obituary: Isaac Greathouse

Article: 1832 - Obituary: Isaac Greathouse


The Newberry Library, Atlas of Historical County Boundaries, Chicago, IL. Gallia County Chronology.


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