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Greathouse of Belmont County, Ohio

Do you have any Greathouse kith and kin who resided in Belmont County, OH? If so, please join us in our efforts to better document the Greathouse or kith and kin who lived in this county, by sending your additions and corrections to Greathouse Point.

We would like to thank Shirley Harmon for sharing this letter with Greathouse Point. Shirley is a descendant of Sarah "?" Travis Greathouse Pool.

Letter from Lois Phillips to Shirley Harmon, 9 Aug 1995

August 9, 1995

Lois Phillips [deceased]
62370 Tacoma Rd.
Barnesville, OH 43713

Hi Shirley,

I did a stint at the courthouse today. First, the estate packet for Harman Greathouse, c#1103. There were only two papers (or half size papers) in the file, both of which are copied on the same page (enclosed). One is a small bingo in that Sarah was alive, relinquished her right to administer, and made her mark. The second has the appointment of Israel Moore along with the bond and bondsmen. I asked about the "Book of Letters". Probate Court does not have them, hard copy or film. The clerk said that in any case, the information would be the same as the enclosed, as they would have been records of Letters Testamentary and of Administration. So, it's probably no great loss in this case.

I then went to the Journals, and in Journal G on page 212 is the very same information regarding the appointment of Israel Moore, the bond, bondsmen and appraisers as listed in your original document. In Journal H, page 142 there is a reference to this estate in that the rules are discharged (upon payment of costs) against Israel Moore. I assume that he didn't get the job done in the required time.

In Chancery Book 4, pages 77-80 is a partition suit brought by Israel Moore vs Enoch Greathouse et al, regarding Harmon Greathouse dec'd owning in fee simple the South 1/2 of West 1/2 of NE 1/4 of S3T6R5 [Wayne tp], about 40 acres. The children and heirs at law are:

Enoch Greathouse, of lawful age and residing in VA

Mary Williams, wf/o Thomas, of lawful age and residing in VA

Hannah Greathouse, of lawful age and residing in VA

William Greathouse, of lawful age and residing in PA

James Greathouse, of lawful age and residing in IL

Sarah Masters, wf/o Henry, of lawful age and residing in Gue Co OH

John Greathouse, of lawful age and residing in Bel Co OH

Sarah Greathouse, widow and relict and entitled to dower

On or about 12 Dec 1834 John and Hannah sold and deeded all right, claim, etc. to petitioner Israel Moore and he is tenant in common with the above named heirs an is entitled to 2/7 share.

On 10 May 1835 Israel Moore is awarded 1/3 part (dower estate) and 2/7 parts.
Enoch is awarded 1/7 part.
Mary Williams is awarded 1/7 part.
William Greathouse is awarded 1/7 part.
James Greathouse is awarded 1/7 part.
Sarah Masters is awarded 1/7 Part


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