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1998 - Email: Frank Neher to Greathouse Cousins

-----Original Message-----
From: Frank D. Neher
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 1998 6:42 PM
To: Greathouse Cousins
Cc: Pat Greathouse
Subject: Greathouse Cousins Data Exchange

TO All possible Greathouse Cousins in West Virginia and Pennsylvania:

My name is Frank Neher and I live at 3142 Monterey Drive, Malaga, Washington 98828.  Phone (509) 663 4900.

About six months ago I volunteered to coordinate the record keeping chores of a group of about 35 Greathouse Family researchers who were attempting to compile and correct the family tree charts of the family.  Since then we have gathered the information on over 5,000 descendants of the immigrant ancestor of the family, Herman Groethausen who arrived in Philadelphia, PA about 1710.  His family migrated from the Germantown area into western PA and West Virginia prior to the Revolution.  One Branch, Harmon Greathouse and his family settled in Ohio County about 1771.  The other branch descendants of Johann Groethausen moved in to Maryland, Virginia and then to north central West Virginia.

I would like to invite each of you to participate in this effort.  What we need from you is as much information as you are able to offer about your Greathouse ancestors.  If you could just send to me the bare bones information you are aware of I can possible fit your line into the larger picture.  I have two family software programs, Family  Tree Maker and Paf and can receive text or Gedcoms via e-mail as attachments. If this does not ring a bell.  I would be very happy to receive a simple list beginning with you backwards to your oldest known ancestor.

I will look forward to your reply.

Frank Neher


Email: Frank Neher to All possible Greathouse Cousins in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, Subject: Greathouse Cousins Data Exchange, March 11, 1998.


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